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СО «СF «Liredo Foundation»

СО «СF «Liredo Foundation»

We help together, hope is in every step

Days of war
Days of full-scale invasion
Humanitarian missions

About us

Charitable Foundation «Liredo Foundation» is dedicated to the idea of helping and supporting those who are going through difficult times as a result of the war. Our humanitarian aid covers a wide range of needs - from medical supplies and material goods to everyday necessities. We strive to make the lives of those affected by the war more peaceful and provide them with the basic resources necessary for survival.

Realizing the importance of mobility and accessibility for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we carry out programs to provide vehicles to military personnel. This includes the supply of vehicles for the transportation of military medical supplies, materials and other equipment necessary to ensure effective work in military conditions.

We strive to provide assistance effectively and systematically, ensuring that our assistance reaches those who need it most. Our foundation actively cooperates with military units, medical institutions and humanitarian organizations to ensure coordinated and effective use of resources.

Our goal is to provide support and hope to those who are in difficult conditions due to the war. We believe that our efforts will contribute to improving life and provide the necessary conditions for development and prosperity.

Your support is very important to us. You can help by making donations, volunteering or spreading information about our activities. Together we can do more for those in need.

Join us in our mission to help those who are going through difficult times because of the war. Together we can make a difference in people's lives and provide hope for a better future.

Join us

We are looking for hearts that beat in tune with our goals! Join our team of volunteers, where your kindness will be the key to positive change. You are the important link that will help us reach those who need our help. Be an inspiration, be a support, be a change. Join our team of volunteers today and together we will make the world a better place for everyone!